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Founded and focused on brand building since 2002.

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Partnering with Existing Brands

From visioning, to attract-the-market, execution and everything in between – all guided by our Brand Operating System®. We are invaluable for business leaders who are willing to question conventional thinking.

Strategy | Positioning | Design | Product | Media | Connected Commerce | Activation


Partnering to Create Brands

We are co-founders, incubators and builders of exciting ventures. We leverage our BOS® foundation and financial planning experience towards successful launches and start-ups.

Capital Planning | Revenue Modeling | Go To Market | Media Mix | Connected Commerce


Partnering with Athletes

We have developed a new industry standard for developing individual signature brands, as well as personal cultural currency. Our Athlete Operating System™ (AOS) places the purpose-driven athlete at the very center of the creator economy ecosystem.

Athlete DNA Audit | Scaling | Signature Positioning | Media & PR Strategy | Market Activation

Brand Operating System®

The single foundation of your entire brand.

Soldier’s foundation and framework to brand building – it’s our proprietary integrator for over 50 major brands. It imagines, plans, explains and contains all the elements necessary for successful brand launches. It rallies all stakeholders, internal channels, influencers, and the public — bridging the gap between business intelligence and customer engagement. It’s everything we know – it’s everything your brand needs.

Athlete Operating System™

The new industry standard of personal branding.

The rise of the athlete as an iconic cultural influencer has shifted the balance of power. The outdated model of talent contracts and rosters is done. It’s time for investing in purpose-driven building of individual signature brands and personal cultural currency. The AOS™ is a playbook for developing and activating in the market, these powerhouse influencers – to empower them to Wage Wonderful.

Meet Generation Change™

SLDR has identified a sea change of consumer focus and purpose driven motivations – an entire psychographic driven by a burning need to shape a better future. SLDR is committed to building and partnering with only those brands which rise to this crucial challenge.

Spanning both Millennials and Gen-Z, Generation Change™ is a psychographic of ultra-conscious consumers who are unified in their zeal to act on their moral and social justice ideals. They believe that the way brands behave and what they stand for is critical and, by default – they’re driving the way brands market to consumers.* Gen–C acts with their wallets, voices, and especially their social media muscle – in deciding which companies and brands to support (and which to mercilessly punish).

*A recent Corporate Knights report identified that companies practicing real sustainability or true corporate social responsibility enjoyed over 40% longer lifespans than those that did not.

Highly Discerning Consumer™

Define, identify, acquire your most valuable target.

The HDC is the most discerning segment within the target audience – those who will believe in, evangelize, and make the most of your brand and products. Soldier helps you precision identify and tap your HDC authentically through research and insights. We prioritize creating marketing experiences that exceed the HDC’s expectations. Win the HDC, and you win all other target customer segments.

Creator Economy

A $100BN not-so-side hustle.

From influencer to creator, from followers to patrons, from side hustle to primary gig, from engagement to income – the Creator Economy is where audience engagement meets direct monetization. It’s a $100BN business class driven by hyper-empowered Gen-C, and enabled by evolved digital & social media. Much the same way DTC has disrupted retail, and Gen-C has disrupted brands’ purpose, the Creator Economy is completely disrupting the original content industry.

The company we keep.

SLDR is fortunate to work with highly driven marketing leaders, visionary start-up founders, proactive, conscious, and socially responsible brands. Many of our partner relationships span over 10 years of ongoing and meaningful work that has maintained market relevance.

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