Embracing the original wellness shoe from the 1950’s and reintroducing it for the modern day shoe enthusiast.


From resurrecting the iconic 1950’s wellness shoe
Relaunching with a modernized story for the age of sustainability.

Opportunity: Rooted in the belief that wellness starts from the ground up, Danish yoga instructor Anne Kalso’s signature negative heel was originally designed with the yoga-mountain pose in mind. The beloved quirky shoe had developed a cult-like following but had lost momentum in the increasingly competitive footwear category over time. We embarked on a mission to resurrect the original symbol of style and comfort and reinvent a modern day take on a retro classic.

Strategic Approach: We set out to reclaim the original DNA of the Kalso brand as the world’s first sustainable shoe and re-establish it in the minds of today’s consumers. Wellness, mindfulness, and optimization has grown beyond 1960’s Hippie culture. There is a massive cultural trend towards holistically adopting wellness living, moving the focus from surviving to thriving and embracing everything life has to offer. In effect, using ancient wisdom to forge future style.

Solution: Kalso – Upwards

From strong roots we forged new ground for Kaslo, featuring highly curated, elevated fashion moments. Showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship of the negative heel, focused on the total body alignment achieved through the Kalso footwear. Speaking to the long term commitment to the health of the planet, we honed in on the story of our brand DNA, reaffirming our belief in sustainability – relaunching the brand the way Anne would.

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