Working with Tarek Hassan, CEO and Founder of the burgeoning local Boston streetwear and collab brand, Soldier supercharged Concepts’ visual identity and transformed the retail experience and store-in-store boutiques – while also bringing iconic footwear collab partners to the table, leading a global expansion, and bringing the Concepts experience to women with an entirely new spin-off brand: VRSNL.


From simple footwear and fashion curator
Global luxury streetwear creator.

Opportunity: Renowned as the epitome of menswear style, Concepts features highly curated, cult-like brands within an experiential brick and mortar retail environment. Our team was tasked with establishing the brand and building a uniquely Boston based retail experience while creating the blueprint for the next generation of luxury department stores.

Strategic Approach: Located in the heart of Harvard Square, our team set out to create an unrivaled in-store experience for Concepts’ Cambridge store. Targeting that quintessential, aspirational 18 year old male demographic, the instore environment was specifically designed to act as a central gathering place for the community.

Solution: With a completely stylized and updated logo design to deftly lining the store interior to reflect the seven layers of a well crafted skateboard, no detail was left untouched.

A complete reimagination of the traditional retail space, the Cambridge floor plan takes the form of an art gallery, presenting the products as iconic cultural artforms with the goal of driving engagement and enticing shoppers towards deeper exploration.

Of course, Concepts is never one facet, but a bespoke amalgam of abstract thoughts and ideas. Together with their team we forged forward, creating collabs with Sperry, Canada Goose, Nike and New Balance to name a few. Finally, while predominantly known as a men’s footwear retailer, we partnered with Concepts to bring the world of curated product offerings to the female consumer through the launch of VRSNL.

Now with stores in Boston, New York, Dubai and Shanghai, Concepts International has transformed from a simple streetwear curator to a global culture creator.

BOSTM Deliverables

  • Business and Creative Strategy
  • Business Modeling
  • Market Research
  • Consumer Identification
  • Precision Positioning and Brand Strategy
  • Product Design & Development
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Creative
  • Collateral
  • Brand Voice
  • Copywriting
  • Photography and Video Direction
  • Merchandise
  • Crowd Funding
  • Connected Commerce
  • UI/UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Retail Strategy and Execution
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Collabs
  • Attract the Market Strategy