Our international award winning joint venture with our partners at WorkWolf successfully brought the power of Blockchain technology into the employment credentials verification process for the first time ever.


Transforming the employment verification process from a negative chore
an empowering symbol of truth

Opportunity: For HR Professionals, the credentials verification process has been pseudonymous with the unglamorous grind of manual labor and perfunctory background checking. Viewed as necessary evil in employment to ensure candidates aren’t lying on resumes or have an otherwise hidden dark past. Quality verification combats against fraud, cheating, and misrepresentation while rewarding true achievement, and directly impacts a company’s ability to build a better, more qualified, capable workforce.

Strategic Approach: Obliterate career fraud and champion honest and worthy talent.

More than 60% of resumes have inaccurate data, making it challenging to filter applicants effectively.

Together, we relentlessly set out to establish the highest quality standards with the most rigorous credentials system the world has ever seen. We drove innovation in the application of Blockchain technology, providing services that meet future needs, and designing a fluid end user experience.

By developing a platform that makes verified employment-centric records tamperproof and portable, we could make the hiring process more fluid both for HR professionals and candidates.

Solution: “Unleash the Power of Truth”

Together, we transformed the credentials verification process into an achievement recognition experience that inspires and empowers a community of ambitious talent and organizations to join forces. To date, we have connected and inspired the finest talent through the common bond of truth; establishing the most prestigious professional community in the world, linked by the most important mark of integrity: The truth.

Today, WorkWolf has 5000 ongoing users and over 1,000 new candidates registering with the platform each month. In 2021, we proudly accepted the Manpower Group HR Challenge award for “Automating recruitment” at the Vivatechnology conference.

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