I’m a rational, considered CFO and CPA, who is also a crazed college football fanatic –

– yes, I yell at NCAA games on TV and I cheer until I’m hoarse – Go Tigers! The rest of the time, I’m the financial guy you want in your corner. I’ve worked the majority of my career in CPA and SME consulting firms – helping to launch brands, achieve financial objectives, make a difference in the community – joining SLDR full time has allowed me to continue doing just that – in a supercharged manner, and in a culture I love.

I’m fascinated by marketing clients and ad agencies – I see them as a pre–indicators of the health of the economy– marketing actions are invaluable predictors for financial downturns and upturns. Of course, marketing and brand building is most important during a downturn– when it’s easier to scale back. This is why SLDR thrived and grew in the two years of the pandemic, while so many others shriveled and closed their doors.

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