Jen Miranda

Unexpected is good. Upheaval is even better. As an artist, I love putting myself in the un-comfort zone –

–Finding new ways to approach creative problems and exploring different art styles – to push the envelope and evolve a brand: that’s where the magic lives.

I’ve always loved Salvador Dali’s quote, “Everything alters me, but nothing changes me.” As Design Director, I’ve spent 10 years growing and evolving within Soldier. I pride myself in being a “chameleon” in that I don’t have a set style or aesthetic but open myself up to be influenced and altered by art, culture, fashion, music, sport, science, and architecture – to make the most unique and memorable work I can for every brand I get to work with.

My professional passion is helping brands make an impact for the good and betterment of the world around us – which aligns perfectly with SLDR’s long time ethos. The broader branding & design industry has finally embraced this value of “doing good”.

Much as I love pure creative, having stepped into the agency creative leadership role as Design Director, I’m also striving to add structure, process, mentorship, and personal growth to my department.

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