There are scientists that study the cosmos and astronauts that visit it. I've always considered myself to be both —

– I’ve always been curious about other cultures, I find them fascinating. This interest drove me to become a strategist – a role that challenges me to understand how people behave in order to connect with them, and find ways of telling the right brand and product story.

Having been lucky enough to live in four different countries and visit many others throughout my life and career – it has allowed me to immerse myself in diverse and unique cultures, exponentiating my interest. These experiences have not only given me a unique perspective on life; but also a deeper understanding of people’s behaviors and their relationship with brands and products.

There are those that study, and those that experience – and there are a few people like me who love to do both. I tell stories and live them, write music and dance to it, build strategies and experience them. But most importantly, I have an unquenchable curiosity of life.

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