People need joy, encouragement, and support in their lives – I’m here for them —

–Far too often, Human Resources lacks the ‘human’ component. We’re the ones no one wants at the party – the office police, the compliance strong-arm-ers. Yet now more than ever, I see my responsibility as empowering our people to balance life and work, to avoid burnout, to grow their career holistically – not just at SLDR. I’d say it’s a position that’s part cheerleader, and part therapist – which is perfect considering my experience as a varsity cheerleader and my degrees in both human and organizational behavior and psychology.

The evolution of how I approach my role has been shaped most profoundly over the past few years. I have not only built strength and resilience, but an urgency and renewed zest for eating up life– and most importantly– a deep empathy for the personal lives of everyone around me. I’ve always prioritized people over process – SLDR is driven by human values, and dynamic enough to enable me to put that principle into practice.

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