As the second oldest of 6 kids, I learned to make simplicity out of complex situations —

Our projects are incredibly multifaceted with numerous partners and moving parts so things can change on an hourly basis. My natural knack for making calm out of chaos helps put my clients at ease; so much so that one of them coined the phrase “in Nikki we trust”!

As much as I love owning and guiding my projects, nothing is ever done in isolation. It’s all about the broader SLDR family and knowing that every conversation contributes to the bigger picture. Whether that be through strong Account leadership, project management or simply sharing wellness tips and having a laugh with the team – balance is key. To that end, I’ve played team sports all my life and even ran a marathon in 2019. I love to bake and know  it’s okay and even encouraged to eat a cookie (or 10). Also, popcorn is my main food group.

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