I once walked a 500lb. lion into a pitch presentation for a bank —

–  I’m deeply committed to doing what it takes to win – I’ve crashed other agencies’ pitches, I’ve infiltrated a company in a full body teddy bear costume disguise, I’ve continued pitching for months after we lost – to eventually land the business– globally. Maybe it’s coming from humble beginnings. Maybe it’s the work ethic inspired by my dad. Maybe I just need to win.

New business is only part of my role at SLDR. The other half is directing all company communications – a role far too often ignored or not taken seriously – if an agency even has this position. In fact, you reading this right now means I’ve done my job (the SLDR website is in my scope). It’s a chance to leverage my lifetime’s worth of experience – ad agencies, government bodies, PR and crisis management – for the win.

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