David Houghton

I’m addicted to new experiences, new learning, new opportunities to create –

–As a keen student of life, I need a constant supply of new challenges to keep me from becoming bored. I’ve worn many hats in the past– world traveler, ultra-marathoner, long distance cyclist across 3 continents (including the 7,500 mi Tour d’Afrique), rock percussionist for Cowboy Junkies (the world’s coolest band according to the LA Times); I’ve been on The Tonight Show and SNL. The amazing thing is that my role as a creative director is a perfect fit for my restless soul – nothing matches the sheer variety of projects that I lead, and the opportunity to create something new which doesn’t exist.

Perhaps the most crucial component of my creative process is listening: in a world of increasingly louder voices, more noise, more amplification, more shouting at and over others – I love to listen – to really hear what people have to say, and not just wait for my turn to speak. If that doesn’t ground me, then wandering through the spiritual tranquility of my 25 acres of forest certainly does.

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