I’m obsessed with innovation, disruption, and perpetual change —

– I live in a world of seeking whitespaces, shifting paradigms, and creating categories. I’m fascinated by it and driven by it. It makes me restless– and happily so. My drive to create has led to a very specific ethos – both personally and organizationally: always contribute to culture, instead of taking from culture; liberate by creating frameworks which are convening, not controlling; only build with positivity, for societal betterment.

People talk about the Creator Economy, the Experience Economy and so on. I believe in the Trust Economy. As I like to say, ‘nothing travels faster than the speed of trust’ – that’s true right down to the individual level. Building trust is key at every intersection and opportunity. It’s especially crucial when you do what we do – guide companies through profound evolution and emergence. Change is scary, but trust builds courage and confidence. Trust is everything to me.

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